Affiliate Program

The “Extra” FREE Affiliate Income

While the 1000’s of Advertisers will be your main source of income and will generate you to 5-6 figure monthly income, there is a 2nd form of income you can enjoy “Affiliate” income. Globally the affiliate business is worth $398 Billion.

Here is how it works

Within your members area there are over 200 FREE affiliate programs, these are companies that will pay you a commission when someone clicks and books a flight, hotel, holiday, car hire, train ticket, restaurants via your "What's On In" website.

Companies are desperate to find websites that they can place their affiliate ads on and your “What's On In” website is a perfect website for them.You will have access to over 42,000 Affiliate programs, some paying you up to 70% commission.

Click on the logos to see a typical FREE affiliate programs

These are just a few examples of the 42,000 FREE affiliate programs you can have placed on your “What's On In” website. Adding more income to your bottom line

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